Early Metalsmithing Work

February 21st, 2011 by Mary
Sawing & Riveting Exercise

My girlfriend Kathy Mullaney announced that she was taking a metalsmithing class at Pratt Fine Arts Center and I that I should take it too, so I did and I love it.

I’m enjoying learning some beginning techniques – how to use a whole new set of tools, as well as how metal acts when it’s heated or pressed or hammered.  I also love our teacher, Sarah Gascoigne. She’s a wonderful instructor and artist.

  • Three Metalsmithing Exercises
  • Side View of Cut & Rivet Piece

Pottery & Gardening

April 10th, 2010 by Mary

I just completed a pottery course at Pottery Northwest. I’m working with some exciting new techniques. I’ve been interested in leaving part of the surface unglazed and letting the raw surface show through. It has a wonderful texture when fired.

Gardening has also been a focus. I’ve recently been working on turning my front parking strip into a potager garden. I’ve used espalier fruit trees to create an enclosure encircled by box-woods for formality. Next, I’ll be building a arbor for a climbing rose, which will highlight the entrance to the vegetable garden.

  • Dandelion Cup